Are you interested in purchasing a farm or some farmland?

Living in the country has multiple benefits; fresh air, quiet and being able to see all the stars are just a few. The following are some questions to help your REALTOR® point you in the right direction.

1) Which area are you looking in?

Beaverley, Pineview and the Hart are only a selection of the country properties in Prince George; do you have an idea where you’d like to live?

2) Do you want acreage? If so, how much?

If you’re planning to run livestock of any kind, the amount of acreage needed will determine which properties your REALTOR® will show you. Prince George has everything from small acreages to large ranchland parcels.

3) What outbuildings do you need?

Will you be needing a hay loft? A barn? Cross-fencing? How about an indoor/outdoor riding arena or paddocks for horses? Will you be growing your own hay?

4) What services are required?

Do you need a barn that is serviced with electricity and water? Do you want electrical fencing?

5) Are you looking for pasture? 

Perhaps you already have a farm or ranchland and are looking for additional pasture for your animals. What type of pasture are you looking for? How much is needed?

6) What kind of land base?

If you’re looking to run animals of any kind, it is always important to look at the type of land the property is on and whether or not it drains properly. Some areas will have pastures that are constantly under water or muddy in the spring/fall, and some will be dry as a bone.

7) Extras

Would you like a property that has riding or ATV trails already marked out? Do you want to be close to other farms? How close do you want your neighbours to be?