Residential Property Information

Are you searching for Your Perfect Home? Congratulations!

The following are some important questions to keep in mind when contacting your REALTOR®…
1) What location do you have in mind?

“You can change the location, but not the size of your rooms.” Choosing a home with the right space available is entirely more important than choosing the exact location; it is much easier to change the location of where you’re looking than renovating or adding to your new home.

2) How many rooms do you require?

Whether you are planning to start a family or looking to downsize, room sizes and location of those rooms within the home can be quite important. Do you want your new nursery to be beside your master bedroom? Do you have a teenage son that requires a soundproof room?

3) What are your “must-haves?”

Every new homeowner has items that must be included in the home. These can include an enclosed garage, an area with an elementary school nearby or a large kitchen. Must-haves are things that you just cannot go without in your new home.

4) What are your “wishes?”

Does your Perfect Home have a swimming pool? What about a large backyard? A hot tub for you to soak in? When you envision your “Perfect Home,” what is the first thing that comes to mind?

5) What can you “do without?”

If necessary, can you give up a prime location for a larger home? What about one less room to be only five minutes from work? It is important to discern exactly what you can move on, and what you cannot, to give your real estate agent an idea of what to look for.

Royal LePage Prince George’s REALTORS® will guide you through the steps of choosing your new home. We look forward to hearing from you!